Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Last Minute Switcheroo

Well... I am already in Mumbai. It all happened so fast, I can't believe it myself. I was checking my flight Monday afternoon and it said it had been canceled for Tuesday night. Stephen helped me and immediately got on the phone with Continental. They said due to the storm, the flight had been canceled. They were not able to rebook me until later in the week. Or, I could fly another airline Tuesday night, but she couldn't guarantee that it would still go. So, we did the next best thing and booked me for the Monday night flight. Talk about craziness!! I had about a half hour to get my stuff together, and get on my way to the airport. It was such a whirlwind of events, I can barely remember it. I do remember being upset because most likely, I will be away from my little man another day. It is so tough on him at this age. If he only knew what we are going to accomplish here!

So, here I am at the beautiful Courtyard Marriott. Much thanks to Amit and his colleague, Gangadharan. They were able to arrange a room for me a day early and provide a personalized pick up at the airport. Once I was settled, I was able to speak to Stephen (back at home) with the help of Amit, to let him know I had arrived safely. I will never be able to speak enough about Amit and his colleagues and how easy they make this travel for us. He is truly a fantastic person to work with!

Anyway, back to the hotel. The lobby is gorgeous! I feel like I am back at the Intercontinental. I believe that they are on the same road near the airport. My room is just lovely and I can't wait to see the view tomorrow when the sun is out. I will take some pics and post them for all to see in case other IP's are considering staying here.

I received a beautiful floral arrangement from the docs. I am assuming that I will be contacted by them tomorrow in the morning to set up some schedules and such. It feels nice to be back in Mumbai and I am looking forward to a very, very successful trip this time!!

Thanks for reading and talk soon!


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Mandy said...

GOOD LUCK HUN!! i am wishing i was there with you. Love love love Amit and all his staff. Cant wait to see ur hotel.

Edward said...

Wishing you great success! ...and good timing to miss the icy mess on the east coast today!

Michelle Topp said...

All our love and prayers and faith and positive thoughts are going your way!!!! Shel & Jim