Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Routines, Routines

Next week our lives will settle into the normal routine of life. Stephen will be starting preschool and will need to be there at a regular time. That mean I need to feed Jillian at a regular time so we don't have a hungry, screaming baby on the way to school (like we have had in the past for summer camp). Which means that I need to get up at a regular time to make sure she is up to feed to make sure we make it out the door on time. Sounds crazy... you have no idea!

Stephen will also have his t-ball practices and games to throw in the mix. He has practice during the week at dinner time (this makes me really mad, but, whatever!) and then games on the weekends. We are getting ready to throw church back in the mix and I feel like my opportunities to steal a late morning sleep in are becoming less and less likely. Sometimes hubby lets me sleep in, but with our crazy schedule coming up that would mean missing something. Not ready to do that over a few hours of shut eye. I try to nap during the day, but it doesn't happen as easily as it used to. When Jilly is asleep, Stephen is wide awake and wants to play with mommy, even though I am barely keeping my eyes open. Sometimes he'll let me "rest my eyes" if he is playing Wii, but he ends up waking me up to help him change cars.

Not sure what prompted this sleep discussion, it surely wasn't the focus of my thoughts when I first laid down (in bed) to write this post. I guess it is what my body is craving the most. Good thing is that Jillian is down to one feeding during the night. We have a new diaper, full belly, and back to dream land in 45 mins or so during the night. Hubby used to offer to get up on the weekends so I could get a full nights sleep, but that became a catch 22. He would be so tired the next day, it almost became a nuisance. He would need a nap or get super cranky. Well, that in my eye, defeats the purpose of helping my out. So, I kindly suggested that he didn't have to get up with her any more to save our weekends and keep the peace! :)

Anyway, here are some quick updates with the kids:

**Stephen is loving t-ball. He has made new friends and has play dates regularly now. :) He is a fantastic big brother and calls Jillian his "honey bunny." He is such a big helper, I don't know what I'd do without him some days!

**Jillian is a champ at her feedings. She is gulping 6 ounces pretty regularly. She was 11 pounds and change at her last check up. She gets up around 4 or 5 each morning for a feeding. She is smiling and giggling (which melts our hearts!!) and she has started to ohhhh and ahhhh.

Of course, here are some photos we'd like to share:
BIG smile from Jilly Bean!

First day of T-ball practice!

Monday, August 15, 2011

8 weeks

Tomorrow Jilly Bean will be eight weeks old. It is hard to imagine that time is moving this quickly. We have been enjoying every single moment with her. Most recently, she has just begun to smile and giggle (in only a way that a baby can giggle). She has been taking four to six ounces per bottle every three to six hours. Not exactly as on schedule as Stephen was. She loves, I mean LOVES to sleep! She could sleep the whole day and night away. We try to force her to stay awake a little more now during the day. She does really well at night, only waking once for a feeding.

Big brother Stephen is loving his baby sister in a way that I've never seen. He is so gentle, kind, and protective of her. He enjoys holding her and laying on the floor with her looking up at the Rainforest gym that used to be his. I swear he enjoys it more now than back then! ;) Stephen has also been going to summer camp at his new preschool. When I pick him up and ask him how school was, he has the same response: fantastic! Who could ask for more than that?

We have had a ton of visitors and spent a week in NJ to visit my family. It was so nice to be back home and share Jilly with everyone. We saw more people that week than I can ever remember seeing during our visits. There was a lovely barbeque to celebrate her arrival and she slept through the entire party! I'm talking from 3 to 9. Ok, she woke up around 5 or 6 for a bottle, but then right back to sleep. She received many gifts since she has been with us and let's just say that she has a fashion forward wardrobe for her first year of life. We are so appreciative of everyone's generosity and love for this little peanut.

Here are some recent pics, I will make an effort to post more frequently, but lately, I'm happy if I can check my email. Life changes when we went from one semi-independent four year old to two children where one needs are more demanding.

Thanks for reading and chat soon!

Jillian, 7 weeks

Jillian, ready for her big "Welcome to the Family" barbeque

Stephen, our little fishy, LOVES to swim!

Jillian, mad, hungry face