Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy bees

I don't know why our life is so often like this, but it seems that we like to do major things in a short amount of time. In the next four weeks, we will: leave a job (me), start a new territory (Stephen), fly to India, get a ton of eggs that will fertilize, fly home from India, move all of our stuff out of storage, drive to NC, close on a new house, get "the call", unpack, paint, and enroll Stephen in a new school. Plus hold back the tears when I leave work, leave my son to go to India, and when I say goodbye to my family and friends. Not really sure why life is like this for us. Maybe we could've tried to spread things out a little more, but we are used to life like this!

Our trip to Mumbai is creeping up on us. I start meds on Friday and fly out next Tuesday. Stephen will join me later that weekend. So many have asked if I am ok to fly to India by myself and I think I definitely am. I feel very comfortable with our doctors, their drivers, and our travel coordinator, Amit. He makes traveling to Mumbai a breeze. I will admit, it will be so weird to be half a world away from my hubby and son for a few days. I will be communicating with them through Skype and email, but it will still be tough.

I have fallen asleep a few nights watching The Secret on I can't find my dvd (it is probably in storage), so I watch it any way I can. I also just purchased The Law of Happiness. It is a book about spiritual wisdom and modern science. It looked great when I flipped through and I am excited to read it. I'll keep you all posted on how it is.

Check back for posts next weekend once the meds begin. Oh, how my hubby loves those meds ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thoughts in My Head

Within the past two weeks, the topic of visualization has been circling around in my life. A few weeks ago, Stephen and I were talking to a pastor about our situation and how we should continue to stay positive and wish for the best. He told us some advice that we have taken to heart. He told us to tell God that we are ready. Meaning, ask him for what we want... another child or two. We have prayed and prayed for years for this to happen, but we have never asked for it to happen. The pastor said it is like putting the ball in God's court. So, here we are, asking and putting it in God's court.

Then, the other night, while watching Oprah (thanks to DVR), Bob Greene was talking about having the life you want. That you need to know what you want (a baby or two) and then visualize this. I have been doing this with more concentration every day since then. This really focuses on a book that was brought to my attention when we began this journey and one of my most supportive friend quoted to me every day while we were together while we were in Mumbai. She was there on baby pick up and we were there on baby making. The book I am talking about is The Secret. I have read this book so many times it is worn through. I have watched the movie when I didn't have time to read the book. I have really made changes in my life to be more positive and visualize our dreams and make them realities.

I am just putting it out there, for everyone to see and read and visualize with me. I am making it super clear to the powers that be of the universe and God that we are asking for another baby (or two). We want a sibling(s) for little Stephen to grow with and have a great bond with. Please, whoever is out there listening, let this be in our future this year. Even little Stephen is asking when he can have a brother or sister.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Moving... again

That's right, you read it. We are moving back to NC at the end of February. Stephen was assigned a new territory after his company was bought out by another company. Since there are already regional sales executives in the Tri-state area, we are getting bumped on down the road. We will be moving to a different part of NC, which will be closer to my parents and a few hours from his. We have already bought a house and we close at the end of next month. Here is a picture of our new house:

We are really excited to get back into our own space. We have been living with my parents since July. While it has worked out very nice, we are ready to be back on our own. I am kinda upset about leaving my job. I found a fantastic school district that I have been working in since September. The staff is great, the kids are great, and the parents are supportive. I was really able to spread my wings a bit there and I enjoyed it.

Moving onto the million dollar question: We are going back to India in about 2.5 weeks. I am very confident that this will be THE time it all comes together for us. I've had good numbers, good scans, and a great, positive attitude. We decided we would pick a SM that was young, had two kids or more, and was experienced as a surrogate. Guess what! We got all three requests. We couldn't believe our eyes when we read her profile. But here is the best part, she shares the same birthday as our son. Once we saw that, we knew for sure that she was the one to help us grow our family. We are very excited. I am nervous to leave my son again because he had a tough time while we were away, but he will continue to go to school while we are gone and hopefully that will keep him busy. Also, I am arriving in India earlier than Stephen. He is going to stay behind until he has to be there to deliver his goods.

There has been a big baby boom and BFP's all over the place lately. Congratulations to all of you who have picked up your bundles and those who are watching them in the scans. I wish for you all a happy road with your children. Please keep us in your thoughts over the next 4-5 weeks. We have a lot going on and we want the best outcomes out for all situations!

Christmas Eve in our new pajamas ;)

Thanks for reading :)