Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kindergarten... week 2

This is how today started off (9 days into his school career)...

"Momma, my foot hurts, don't think I can go to school today."
"Yes you can, your foot is fine."
"But Momma, my belly hurts now"
"No, your belly is ok too."
"Ok, but really my hand hurts and I can't hold the pencil."
"Stephen, you are going to school, please go brush your teeth."

Is this how it starts?  After all these years of being a teacher, thinking that kids love going to school and spending the day with me, I'm on the other side.  The "I don't want to go side."  Bummer!  Hopefully Jillian will love school like I do.

In front of his classroom

Batman obsessed!

Take me too!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No Excuses...

There are none really... I'm a busy lady with little free time these days.  I apologize, but I am really enjoying my time with my kids.  As fortune would have it, I am blessed to stay home again this year instead of going back to teaching (which I seriously miss).  Thanks Hubby!!

So on Wednesday, there will be a huge milestone in our family time line, Stephen will start Kindergarten.  How crazy is that?  I know what you are thinking... they go year round here.  He starts now and goes for about 8-9 weeks with 3 weeks off.  He follows that routine until May, when he breaks for summer (5 weeks).  I think I might end up liking this... maybe?

Jillian is our little fire cracker.   She is loud and in charge at all times.  If you don't think she's in charge, well, she'll tell you what she thinks of that.  Completely different personality than Stevie (but I guess that wouldn't come as much as a surprise).  She is our little princess, peanut, chunky monkey, honey bunny, and pumpkin all wrapped up in one.  I believe (and hope) the bond she has with Stevie will be unbreakable.  They are beyond sweet with each other.

We just returned from a "vacation" to NJ.  This time it kinda felt like a "vacation" because we did somethings outside of my parent's backyard.  Haha... kidding.  We had a lot of fun times these past few weeks and to it was sad to see it come to an end.  While in NJ, we went to Stevie's very first Yankees game (loved it!!), Hurricane Harbor (get there soon, tons of fun), FunStation (great indoor play area), and the County Park.  Did I forget to mention the Fourth of July Parade in good old RP?  Can't miss that.

We have been back on the "get our house the way we want it" kick.  Stephen (with help of a friend and his dad) has ripped apart our old teeny, tiny deck and replaced it with a beautiful, oversized deck!  I will post pics as soon as it is completed.  He is about 90% done.  It even has built in planters (he knows how to make me happy) for my lovely flowers.  So he's been pulling 16 hours work days between the deck and his other job... the one that pays for all this.  Not sure the neighbors are loving his impact drill buzzing until midnight or so each night.  I figure we can invite them over for a lavish barbeque when it's all done and win them back over with charm and delicious food (and maybe a few drinks!)

So a few months ago, I had a complete hysterectomy.  Not really what I wanted for myself since I'm just in my 30s, but I guess with the symptoms I had, it was the best and final option.  On one hand I feel very good physically, like the best I've felt in years!  On the other hand, I feel very emotional and weepy and angry and resentful.  The emotional and weepy I'm getting better at.  Stevie has stopped asking "Mommy, are you crying again?"  But the anger and resentment (towards everything that has happened and what we have been through in 5 years) is still very real and came back up to the surface.  I've thought of numerous ways to deal with this... maybe a counselor, journaling about it, and the option I'm most excited about... physical exertion (as in 1:1 fighting, kick boxing, whatever I can pound on and blow some steam off).  I'll let you know which option I go with ;)

Here's some pics that I hope you enjoy...'

Fourth of July

 Carolina Beach

First Yankees game!

Cannon ball!

Cruising for chicks on the 4th...

Birthday celebration (#2)

Climbing the stairs

Preschool Graduation :'(

Finally a way to move on her own...

Swing batta, batta!

LOVE sunglasses

Mid-afternoon nap (too sweet)

5th Birthday!


LOVES to play catcher!

Cooling off

Birthday celebration (#1)