Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ready, Set, Shot

This is a mischievous grin if I ever saw one!

Wearing Daddy's cowboy hat ;)

Stevie is growing up so fast, I can't stand it! He said the best words a mom could ever hear the other day. We were driving home from the grocery store and we were talking in the car. All of a sudden, he said, "Momma, you make me happy." I thought that is what I heard, so I asked him to repeat it and he said it again. It melted my heart right there and then. He is just such a good little boy. He has such a great combination of Stephen and I in him.

For his final birthday gift, we bought him a Jeep Wrangler, a miniature one that he can drive. It is blue, his favorite color. It was bought with all the birthday money that he received, so thank you to all that gave him the gift of money!! He loves to drive it, although he does not understand the concept of steering. So, we have to help him steer, but that is very difficult when he tells you, "I'LL STEER BY MYSELF!!!!" And he does shout it at you. It is quite a comic skit! So needless to say, we go around our semi-circle and then park in the garage and disconnect the battery so he can have some "pretend" drive time. He is just as happy with the "pretend" drive time as the "I can't steer well and no one is allowed to help me" drive time!!

Our trip to India is 9 days away. There will be regular posts on our blog once we get there. This is the way we are hoping to keep in touch with everyone and let you know what is going on a daily basis. I bought a book on India this past weekend and have been reading up on the culture and what to expect. I think that we are in for a culture shock to say the least. I am really thinking in my head that is it going to be like our trip to Santo Domingo when we first met. The conditions were so different from what we are used to living with. It is such a humbling experience though and I am ready for it. We get caught up in so much of the day to day life here, that there are times we forget what is really important. I am really going to miss my DVR though. Haha, I'm not kidding. I am so dependent on DVR. We record everything and anything! We start shows late to skip over commercials. I am not even sure what kind of programs we are going to get in Mumbai. Let's just say, I am happy RHWofNJ is over, or I might have called Meaghan and listened to her tv in the middle of the morning!! hahaha....

Ok, so this is the first time I have ever had to stick myself with a needle. I didn't quite know how to handle it at first and Stephen wasn't able to help because 1. he is out of town, and 2. because he told me he can't even watch me do that, let alone help. So, yesterday I got courageous and stuck myself in the stomach. Well, it wasn't that bad at all. I don't know what I was worried about. It doesn't really hurt at all going in and when I think about the reason I am doing this to my body, it all makes sense. I have had two injections now and the only side effect I have felt is hot flashes that make my feet feel like they are on fire!! Otherwise, everything is good.

We are leaving to drive to NJ next Tuesday. We are spending the night in DC with Laura (hopefully, I have to call her and see if she'll be around). So, we will arrive in RP Wednesday morning/early afternoon. Then we fly out on Thursday night. I am probably going to cry my eyes out leaving my little boy for so long. We have been away from him before, but never for this long. We are on a direct flight out of Newark. Stephen and I have been tracking the flights online and the flight pattern is freaky!! We fly out of NJ, up over Canada, over Iceland, over the Artic Circle!!!, then down through Europe. It is about a 15 hour flight. We are planning on bringing tons of dvds, music, and books to keep busy. That is probably when Stephen will read about Mumbai!! haha!! He has just been super busy at work. It will be good for him to have some time off to clear his mind from deadlines and such.

We can't thank our family and friends enough for continuing to ask about our progress and support our quest to add on to our family. I have been a part of a great surro-online-family and I have learned more there than in the 5 years I spent in college. There are ups and downs everyday on the forum and there is constant support. It is unconditional support that means the world to Stephen and I during this time. There are days where we are so excited about all that is going to happen, then there are days where I am a nervous wreck. I get nervous about everything.. the flights, being away from my son that long, all the meds I am giving myself, going under anethesia again, and lastly the monsoon season. I know that is just about everything that will be going on in my life the next three weeks. Hopefully my nerves will settle down a little bit.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Away we go....

I can't believe it!! We have booked our flights, I have medicine shipping to the house tomorrow, and we are sending away for our visas. This started as a "you're not going to believe my crazy idea" to leaving in three weeks! Yay!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stephen's Second Second Birthday Party

Stephen and Mommy

Jeffrey, Stephen, and Daddy enjoying an ice pop with Papa in the background
PS- nice glasses Jeff ;)

Stephen and Uncle James playing airplane

Champy cooling off in the kiddie pool

Yes, a second, second birthday party. This time it was in New Jersey with my family and friends. The day started out chilly and rainy, but the skies cleared up and the sun came out for a while. We had such a wonderful time and all the kids enjoyed themselves. The pinata was the best part!! Here are a few pictures :)

Here's the long awaited India update. We have a date, we are leaving July 9th or 10th. I will have my eggs harvested on July 19th. We will be back in the US a few days after that. We have had all our preliminary blood tests done and are in the process of applying for a visa to enter the country. I begin my medicine treatment at the end of June. We have also picked our surrogate. She is a beautiful, young mother of two. We are so excited that she will be helping our family become complete. This journey is finally here for us. We have been waiting for so long and talking about this for many months now. It is very overwhelming and exciting at the same time. I have spent many nights lately working after Stephen goes to sleep until 11 or 12 filling out paperwork and transferring test results to the doctors in India.

We are very humbled that women across the world are willing to help families like ours. We are excited that she can help us fulfill our dreams and we can help fulfill her families needs by providing them money for a solid future for their children. Although their actions are not completely altruistic, there is no greater gift these women can give. We are very excited about our future and how our family may be expanding. Thank you for reading and continuing to support us. We appreciate all your good thoughts and well-wishes. While we are in India, we will definitely update our blog.