Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey All!!

Ok, ok, I have neglected my blog long enough. I've had two friends in the past two days email me and say "Update please!!" So, here it is...

After many days and weeks of considering our next move, we have decided to step away from surrogacy for a while. The emotions were just getting to be too much. We would receive a positive phone call and then with in the next few days/weeks, we would get the "I'm sorry" call. No one's fault, but just getting harder to swallow each time.

So, we thought and thought and have decided to move onto adoption. We would love another biological child, but more than that, we want a sibling for our son. We are going to adopt a newborn and then in a year or so, try to unfreeze our leftover embryos and give them a whirl.

I hope you all understand where we are coming from and can support us still the same. It has been years of crazy emotions, ups and downs. When we decided to adopt, we felt a big sigh of relief for some reason. I will continue to update as we walk down this journey, but for now, I'm setting up our house and painting.

Best wishes to all and thanks for reading!

PS- Max did make it back to our house a few days later :)