Monday, May 2, 2011

Hey All!!

Ok, ok, I have neglected my blog long enough. I've had two friends in the past two days email me and say "Update please!!" So, here it is...

After many days and weeks of considering our next move, we have decided to step away from surrogacy for a while. The emotions were just getting to be too much. We would receive a positive phone call and then with in the next few days/weeks, we would get the "I'm sorry" call. No one's fault, but just getting harder to swallow each time.

So, we thought and thought and have decided to move onto adoption. We would love another biological child, but more than that, we want a sibling for our son. We are going to adopt a newborn and then in a year or so, try to unfreeze our leftover embryos and give them a whirl.

I hope you all understand where we are coming from and can support us still the same. It has been years of crazy emotions, ups and downs. When we decided to adopt, we felt a big sigh of relief for some reason. I will continue to update as we walk down this journey, but for now, I'm setting up our house and painting.

Best wishes to all and thanks for reading!

PS- Max did make it back to our house a few days later :)


Anonymous said...

A child’s love is unconditional, Biological or not. I have been raising a child…“my Daughter” since she was in second grade, she s now in 10th grade I’ve not adopted her. I would love to, but I know her bio father would never agree to it. 2 more years and she will be off to college. I could not love her any more if she were my own. Good luck in growing your family.

Amber and Brian said...

Daria, you have our support no matter what journey you take to complete your family. Any child would be blessed to be part of your home.

Anu said...

Dear Daria,
I have been thinking of you. Nice to read some lines from you and that you are taking a new exciting step ahead. I hope you will find a baby to adopt very soon!
Very best wishes and greetings from Sweden!
Nipi (Anu) from SI forum

Jeff and Kevin said...

The end goal is a child. Means and methods are up to the parents. We will be following along with excitement and well wishes, as always. Good luck to growing your beautiful family!

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Great news!!! Kind of the same feeling I had when we decided to try with an egg donor. I am so happy for you guys and can't wait for the next steps in your journey. Sending big hugs your way.

Missing Ian said...

I am so happy to see you posting, and to hear that you're not giving up on your dream. I know that it's hard to keep faith and hope alive, when the universe is constantly putting road blocks in your way. From the comments that I've read here, I can't imagine that you will find anything but full support from your followers. Families are built from love, and it seems to me that you and your husband have more than enough of that to share.

Our twin boys were carried by a GS, but because they came from donor embryos (and we had a very uninformed lawyer), we had to go through a full adoption with them. I'd be happy to give you any insight that I can into the NC Family court system that I have(or at least tell you which lawyer to avoid! :)). Feel free to email me at

Good luck unpacking and settling in. I'm looking forward to cheering you on along your journey!
And - so happy to hear that Max made it home!!

Missing Ian said...

I forgot to add my name...

Lori (from NC)

Daria said...

Thanks, Lori, just checked back here today. I will contact you shortly for which lawyer to avoid. Hope it's not the one we are working with. Didn't care for him or his demeanor very much!!