Saturday, November 15, 2008

Decision Made!

After months of thinking and planning, we have set a date to go to India. We are scheduled to go in June of 09. We are going to visit with Dr. Patel and a surrogate that will hopefully carry our next child(ren). I have very recently found an online support group that is absolutely fabulous! They are couples like us who for one reason or another have come to need the use of a surrogate. Some of them are over there right now, in fact. It feels like we can finally speak to others that understand our situation. There is actually a couple from NJ that we are hoping to meet up with during Thanksgiving weekend or over Christmas break. We are so excited for all this to take place. I think that we would go tomorrow if we could. We appreciate all your love and support and well wishes. Please pray for us that when we do go, we get positive results!!!!!