Sunday, October 23, 2011


What a great month October is turning out to be! Hubby had a birthday, Stevie had a great month with his t-ball team, and Jilly has started eating cereal and sitting in her exasaucer (now known as stationary entertainers).

We also had a visit from my mom and dad that was too quick. The greatest part of their visit was Stevie also had a t-ball game while they were here. So, my parents and Stephen's parents were there to watch his game. Now, in some families, that may be a common occurrence, but in our family, (because of location) it doesn't happen very often. Those are the times I am most happy for our children. It is wonderful to see them with all four of their grandparents. Too sweet!!

Next we celebrated my hubby's bday and I made him this:

Yes, that is a chocolate, peanut butter cake, complete with fudge in the middle with chopped pieces of peanut butter cups, then iced with a thin layer of fudge and peanut butter icing, decorated with peanut butter cups around the cake. See, hubby is a peanut butter cup LOVER!! But... he's not the only one...

I wonder who that could be...

Caught in the act! He loved the cake as well. In fact, he already requested one for his birthday in May. Gotta love my peanut butter men!!

A few days later, our doorbell rings and there is the FedEx man. Stevie loves him because he knows that it usually a gift from his Aunt Jackie. Well this time it was a gift for Jilly from Aunt Jackie. (His came a day later!) But he enjoyed her gift I think more than she did at first. She has since gotten the hang of the exasaucer, but poor thing can't reach the bottom to rotate herself. :(

A few days later, we attended the NC State Fair. This is a stretch for me. Fairs are just not my cup of tea. I like places that are clean, not crowded, and a fair share of healthy food choices. Well, we got skeavy booths, way too may people, and fried everything. It amazes me how people walk around the fair with no shame. Eating crazy things like turkey legs (hubby tried one), funnel cake (not zeppoles, but close enough), fried anything and everything. We did try the fried oreos. I've lived in NC for six years now, I've heard a TON about them, so I caved under pressure. They weren't half bad, but I'm sure they are terrible for you. Stevie even gave a thumbs up to them. All in all, when the night was done and we used all our tickets on fun rides with Stevie, I have to admit we had a good time. Maybe next year I won't be so reluctant to go. :)

Our neighbors turned 50 and threw themselves a party. I volunteered to make some cake pops, because, quite frankly, I am in love with these cutie pie cakes. Take a look at these yummilicious cake pops...

We are off this weekend to visit the Cav's and celebrate some more birthdays and babies. We both have two kids now, born the same years, both sets of kids are four months apart. Gotta love how family keeps going on and on. Pictures to follow :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011