Friday, September 30, 2011

Two Cutie Pie Pics!

Not too much new going on here. Stephen is loving his new job, although he is working non-stop. Life gets a little hectic when he travels, but I am settling in to it again. Stevie has been learning how to write his letters in school. This week was "B" and today for show and tell, he brought in his blankie. This is by far his most prized possession! Love it! Jillian is doing great, sleeping more and more in her crib (her room is almost finished)! We haven't made the jump to the over night sleep yet, but it will be coming soon. She is giggling up a storm and using her voice for more than crying. Here are some new pics of her. Sorry so short, but I'm exhausted! More to come in a few days...

Monday, September 19, 2011

School, T-ball, and Jilly, Oh My!

That's right, school is back in session. Although, Stephen is the only one going to school this year. I am staying home with our little Jilly Bean. Stephen is absolutely LOVING school. He has made some new friends and is crazy about his new teacher. He even had homework tonight. He had to trace the letter A in upper case and lower case form. Ummm... it took 20 minutes! Is this payback for all the homework I've given over the years? Just kidding. He really enjoyed doing his homework and proceeded to tell me that he wants homework every night. If he only knew. ;) He is also playing t-ball. Granted, we only made it to 2 practices and no games yet. This is the craziest league ever. The first game was cancelled because of the hurricane, the next weekend was Labor Day, then we were at the beach, and this past weekend, it rained. So, we have a game Saturday and then a double header on Sunday. Stevie may just be baseballed out this weekend.

T-ball Practice

Stephen, my hubby, started his new job today. He is now working for a new company that is business partners with IBM. He is excited for the possibilities at this company and I am just so proud of him for getting to where he's wanted to be in his career. <3

First Day of School, practice smiles

Jillian is growing like wild. She will be three months on Thursday. She probably weighs around 12-13 pounds. The cutest thing of all is that she is giggling and smiling all the time. She also blows bubbles and makes raspberries with her lips. Super cute! Love, love, love her!! She is getting on a regular schedule, which is really starting to help out here with our daily routine. Jilly is also sleeping through the night. Her last bottle is around 10 PM and she sleeps until 6 AM. I'll take that!


So, finally, the update on me: I think I rebroke my toe. I don't know what the deal is, but I'd like to chop it off. It's the pinky toe and I've been told that it is a wasted appendage. Haha! I just wish that it would get better. It is affecting my exercise regiment. I have been turning into a Suzy homemaker lately. I painted Jillian's room. Just waiting for the trim to go up and then I will post pictures. I have been making chicken soup for the fall. Yum! Also, I made a yummy-licious apple pie (with the wrong apples). I used the wrong apples because it was our turn for snack for Stevie's t-ball game and it was cancelled. So, what was I going to do with all those sliced apples? We couldn't eat them all in a day or so. The pie came out delicious!!

First Day of School!

Lastly, I visited my favorite doctor, Dr. Lipscomb, for my annual visit. It was a really special visit because we were able to introduce him to Jillian. He has been down this journey with us and had celebrated our positives and then listened to the stories of the negatives. It was so wonderful to let him see us come full circle and be triumphant. We also had a great discussion about more naturalistic medicine treatments rather than pumping our bodies with hormones. I have become a big advocate of this in the last year or two (as much as my family thinks I'm crazy). It was nice to have a doctor actually see a patient as a human that deserves the best treatment medically and emotionally. He discussed a more natural method for birth control and also for family planning. Unfortunately, neither of these two topics pertain to my "situation" down there, but I'm sure it does apply to some. He has a medically proven way for women to come off the pill and use their own hormones to regulate their cycle, plan pregnancies, and prevent pregnancies as well. If anything, it is something to THINK about!