Saturday, December 29, 2012


What a wonderful Christmas we had with our families!  This was the first year we spent Christmas at our house and woke up to presents under our tree.  The kids loved it and so did we!

Here are some pics:
This is as good as it gets this year... no one is looking at the camera, ever!

Someone tasted the treats for Santa before bed

Christmas Eve

Stephen and Jillian's tree

Bounce house in our living room!


Superman movie

Doctor kit

Minnie's Boutique

Minnie's Cell

Lovely jacket

Doll House

Finally a pic with Grammy!

Watching the snow fall

All ready for snow play, thanks to the neighbors!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Fun

We have had such a warm fall and we took advantage of it!  The warmer weather has given us a chance to really enjoy the pumpkin farm, some new parks in the area, and football games!  We have spent a lot of time in our backyard on our new deck that is finally, I repeat, finally completed!  It came out better than I have ever imagined and give all the credit to my hubby.  He had a vision and he went with it.  I am so proud of him taking on this project and making the end result so awesome.  More to come soon, we are busy, busy these days :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Disney Anyone? (pic heavy)

So our Disney trip has come and gone and I wish we were still there, four weeks later!  Stephen and I never realized how much fun we were going to have with the kids and our family.  I mean, we, Stephen and I, had a fantastic time as well.

Let's just start off with some pictures, they say it all!

The never ending flight to Orlando... ran out of snacks and drinks after circling and stopping at Tampa for fuel.

The Pirate Ship at The Yacht Club.  Awesome slide into the large pool and a small one for kids!

Light house overlooking The Boardwalk and Epcot.  Took ferries to some places, which was really nice!

Stephen at the payphone in the United Kingdom in Epcot. 

Daddy and Stephen learning about money and savings, oxymoron at Disney?

Daddy and the kids in front of "The Ball"

Some loving :)
Mickey!  Took Jillian a LONG time to warm up to the characters

This one's for Mare!

The whole gang, love these guys!

Possibly the funniest part of our trip, the kids were surprised the first time the water came!
Stephen LOVED the beautiful characters, his charm came right out ;)

Fighting the Witch's power

Jillian LOVED all things about Nemo and fish!

Jillian and Farah checking out the fish, BIG smiles!
Off to the Magic Kingdom!

Stephen who?  I only see Jake!

Testing out the sword

Jake later on became Deputy of Frontierland!

Jillian watching her brother on Splash Mountain!
Jillian's favorite ride by far, It's a Small World

There's Mommy :)

Loving from Aunt Helene

The spooky Haunted Mansion, broke when we got in there :(

Splash Mountain, take 1

The kids with Sorcerer Mickey, one of Stephen's favorite stories

Pirate Cruise, Davy Jones?

Captain Hook and Mr. Smee before the Pirate Cruise, Stephen was so excited!

Stephen and the Pirate on the Cruise

Guess who was waiting back at the dock to meet the boats? Peter Pan himself!

This is how he slept most of the night after Magic Kingdom. 

Jake and Jake, Jillian is seeing double!  One of her favorite characters as well :)
Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Space Fighter

Can you believe this man swindled my son?!?  It was funny!

Couldn't leave without Minnie Ears and Sorcerer Mickey :)

Relaxing afternoon at the hotel, later by the pool

Jillian's new tu-tu, thanks Aunt Helene

Can you believe that Stephen can touch the top of the castle?
Buzz, an oldie, but a goodie!

Splash Mountain, no hands, take 47

Currently a favorite in this house, Rapunzel

Belle and the kids

Stephen was enamored with Cinderella

Not even five minutes out of the park, the last day...

great way to end our trip :)