Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kindergarten... week 2

This is how today started off (9 days into his school career)...

"Momma, my foot hurts, don't think I can go to school today."
"Yes you can, your foot is fine."
"But Momma, my belly hurts now"
"No, your belly is ok too."
"Ok, but really my hand hurts and I can't hold the pencil."
"Stephen, you are going to school, please go brush your teeth."

Is this how it starts?  After all these years of being a teacher, thinking that kids love going to school and spending the day with me, I'm on the other side.  The "I don't want to go side."  Bummer!  Hopefully Jillian will love school like I do.

In front of his classroom

Batman obsessed!

Take me too!

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Steph P said...

Some kids worry that their mom will miss them during school, or that fun and interesting things will be happening in their absence. A couple of mine did that. It passes.