Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thoughts in My Head

Within the past two weeks, the topic of visualization has been circling around in my life. A few weeks ago, Stephen and I were talking to a pastor about our situation and how we should continue to stay positive and wish for the best. He told us some advice that we have taken to heart. He told us to tell God that we are ready. Meaning, ask him for what we want... another child or two. We have prayed and prayed for years for this to happen, but we have never asked for it to happen. The pastor said it is like putting the ball in God's court. So, here we are, asking and putting it in God's court.

Then, the other night, while watching Oprah (thanks to DVR), Bob Greene was talking about having the life you want. That you need to know what you want (a baby or two) and then visualize this. I have been doing this with more concentration every day since then. This really focuses on a book that was brought to my attention when we began this journey and one of my most supportive friend quoted to me every day while we were together while we were in Mumbai. She was there on baby pick up and we were there on baby making. The book I am talking about is The Secret. I have read this book so many times it is worn through. I have watched the movie when I didn't have time to read the book. I have really made changes in my life to be more positive and visualize our dreams and make them realities.

I am just putting it out there, for everyone to see and read and visualize with me. I am making it super clear to the powers that be of the universe and God that we are asking for another baby (or two). We want a sibling(s) for little Stephen to grow with and have a great bond with. Please, whoever is out there listening, let this be in our future this year. Even little Stephen is asking when he can have a brother or sister.


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

I read the book and put up the pics on my bathroom mirror and taaa daaa we have Blaze.

I will focus for you too!!!

Mandy said...

I am going to get that book and visualize with you too, since we are on the same path and dreams. i too have lost my way and need the powers that be to help me.

all the best hun!! good luck and our prayers are with u!

Janell said...

Seeing, visualizing, and praying .... right along with you. May it be....