Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy bees

I don't know why our life is so often like this, but it seems that we like to do major things in a short amount of time. In the next four weeks, we will: leave a job (me), start a new territory (Stephen), fly to India, get a ton of eggs that will fertilize, fly home from India, move all of our stuff out of storage, drive to NC, close on a new house, get "the call", unpack, paint, and enroll Stephen in a new school. Plus hold back the tears when I leave work, leave my son to go to India, and when I say goodbye to my family and friends. Not really sure why life is like this for us. Maybe we could've tried to spread things out a little more, but we are used to life like this!

Our trip to Mumbai is creeping up on us. I start meds on Friday and fly out next Tuesday. Stephen will join me later that weekend. So many have asked if I am ok to fly to India by myself and I think I definitely am. I feel very comfortable with our doctors, their drivers, and our travel coordinator, Amit. He makes traveling to Mumbai a breeze. I will admit, it will be so weird to be half a world away from my hubby and son for a few days. I will be communicating with them through Skype and email, but it will still be tough.

I have fallen asleep a few nights watching The Secret on I can't find my dvd (it is probably in storage), so I watch it any way I can. I also just purchased The Law of Happiness. It is a book about spiritual wisdom and modern science. It looked great when I flipped through and I am excited to read it. I'll keep you all posted on how it is.

Check back for posts next weekend once the meds begin. Oh, how my hubby loves those meds ;)


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Oh the joy of cycling!!!! Good luck deary... I know you will do GREAT!!!!

Edward said...

You have a full 'to-do' list! Good luck and best wishes.

Mandy said...

Oh Girl, bless your strong heart because i would have Good luck, all the best and hugs from Jersey!!

Kerrie and Mark said...

Drugs are starting!! YAHOOO!!!!!! Baby dust galore..

Pam said...

I was just in India for a week by myself before my husband and daughter joined me. I was super nervous, crying at the airport when I said goodbye, and quite emotional that first night. But after a goodnight's sleep I felt great and loved the week alone to do all the things that I can't do when I'm home taking care of my daughter. It was a perfect mama's week away even if it was half way around the world. Good luck!