Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Right Time, Right Place

This morning, I was walking to the elevator to head downstairs to begin my day. I was going to have breakfast in the hotel dining area. There were so many thoughts going through my head about what my day was going to be like and what I would get done. I was thinking how I had gotten more sleep in the last 24 hours than I had in a very, very long time. I was refreshed and ready to go.

As I stepped off the elevator, there was a couple a few feet ahead of me. I instantly recognized them as friends from our last trip here in the summer. They stayed at the same hotel (Novotel) as us in June. Talk about right time, right place. I called over to them and they turned around to greet me. She had sent me an email a few days ago asking when I would be back in Mumbai and where I was staying. Due to the craziness of Monday, I did not get a chance to see her response. She knew we were staying at the same hotel. It was such a lovely surprise to see them both today. They are here on baby pick up. Their SM is in the last stretch of the pregnancy and I wish them nothing but the best of luck for the upcoming weeks. I secretly hope that I am still here when their SM gives birth. I just love seeing babies here, it really brings the trip full circle while here.

So, we sat for breakfast and we caught up. We talked about last time, this time, the in between time, moving, India, work, and then being first time parents. They will be great parents. They are so kind-hearted and patient. They seem nervous, as any first parent would be. It is funny how your instincts kick in when a little baby is in your arms.

They really understand the culture here and I feel like you almost have to embrace some of it eventually. This is my third time to Mumbai and I feel like I understand it more and more each trip. I am familiar with the customs, the head bobble, and I'm really good at converting the money from Rupees into USD. Haha.

Later, in the afternoon, I had a meeting with the doctors. I have been to their clinic/office now three times and each time it has been decorated differently. It is very evident that their business is expanding. They have many people on staff and many clients to keep happy. It was a pleasure to see them today. We had some small talk and then then a quick exam. My blood was drawn very quickly and my ultrasound results look very promising. My largest egg was 11 mm, so it has a while to go. I go back to meet them on Friday for a second check.

After returning to the hotel, I walked around a bit. The pool was closed today due to some maintenance, but will be open tomorrow. That is where I may spend a good amount of time on this trip. The temperature is hovering around 90 degrees each day and it feels great. I love to feel the warm sun on my very pale skin. I may just be the whitest person the Indians have seen lately. ;)

Dinner was my usual cuisine here in Mumbai. If you have followed my previous trip(s), you know what we eat. There is a Domino's right next to the hotel, literally. Way to go, Amit!! We also requested a microwave in our room and brought lots of snacks along for the trip.

Overall, I had a great first day. Tomorrow I am going to have breakfast with my friends and lay out by the pool. I miss home terribly and it is twice as hard to be here without my hubby. I can't wait for him to arrive here and finish the trip up with me.

Thanks for reading!


Amber and Brian said...

Wishing you tons of baby dust and praying this is your time!

2 AFRO DADS said...

Best Wishes sprinkled with Baby Dust....

Don't forget there is a Pizza Hut across the street!

Karissa said...

Just checking in to see what you are up to. Jealous of the hot weather! Snow day here today....again. Miss you! XOXO

Mandy said...

Yes, truely happy on your first GREAT day. Home sick will pass when he joins you, no worries. I am soo jealous of the warm weather!! we are having an ice storm, boo!

Enjoy & Good luck hun!! our thoughts and prayers are with you!!

tjudle said...

Come on, eggies! Do your thing! Baby dust, baby dust, baby dust...