Monday, February 7, 2011

Grow Embies, Grow

Today was a very, very good day. Not only is my husband here, but we had a second scan. Even with my sluggish left ovary, I am currently hosting my highest embryo count since we have started this baby making marathon! They are able to see 16 eggs. I am beyond ecstatic! If my left ovary was a team player, it would've jumped more to the neighborhood of 20 or so. Can you freakin' believe that!! We are super excited for the next few days to come. Tonight is my trigger shot (wooohooo) and Wednesday is EPU.

Tomorrow, is the best day of this entire trip. It is the day that we meet our surrogate. Being that this is our 4th attempt, we wondered if we really wanted to meet our surrogate. It becomes so personal and there is a great emotional attachment. Especially when you hear why they are volunteering their bodies to this. We were really touched by our surrogate this past summer and it was hard to let go of her when we did our FET. We waited and waited for her body to get ready, and it just wasn't. We had to let her go and select a new one. It was almost like a break-up. We wanted so badly to help her family, like she wanted to help ours. That is the beauty of this deal. I know I say it every time we are here, but there is something about helping the people who are helping you. They want this to happen just as badly as we do, but for other reasons.

Switching gears, Stephen and I had a fun time by the pool today. We were only there for an hour or two. He is already winning the tanning contest. I have been laying by the pool for five days now and he beat me in two hours. We have very different skin tones. He is a bit red, but it will tone down tomorrow. He suggested I share a funny story I told him today. The first day I was here, my driver was bringing me to the clinic for my initial scan. While we were driving there, he hit a car and motorcycle. Now, if you have been here, you know how easily this can happen because of the erratic driving and ignorance of those white lines that form lanes. haha! All joking aside, he tapped the car and threw the motorcycle man off balance. He had to jump off to regain his balance. I was getting nervous at this point, but didn't say anything. He kept peeking in the rear view mirror to see if I was reacting to his driving. It was pretty funny.

All in all, we are enjoying our time together. It is always nice to have time to recharge our batteries and reconnect. Life just gets so busy at home and we tend to overlook those moments we should savor.

Thanks for reading and talk soon!

Engagement party

Engagement party

Local florist

Local General Store

Produce Stand

Man Transporting Stuff

Local Barber

Another Produce Stand

Woman's Clothing Store (where I got my dress)

Fast Food (Indian, of course)

Local Chemist (Pharmacist)

Taxi, anyone?

Road for Hotel


Edward said...

sounds like all is going well. Glad you are enjoying this trip.
I can almost feel the warmth in those photos...bring some heat back to the states if you have room in your luggage.

tjudle said...

Best of luck tomorrow! :)

anu.lohmus said...

Best of luck!!
We stayed at the Courtyard and loved it all - the pool, the breakfast, the dinner, the staff (especially Jennifer, Sampat and Hitesh). I miss everything and all of them.
So glad to hear everything is going well. Will think of you and hope for plenty of embies, eager to stick into your SM's uterus!
Anu alias Nipi from SI forum

Karissa said...

Love the pictures you added to the post! Thinking of you both!

Amber and Brian said...

Wishing you tons of baby dust! Your counts are fantastic!

Jeff and Kevin said...

Wow great scan! Good luck tomorrow!

Laura Beth said...

Love the pictures :) Glad everything is going so well...Sending prayers your way :) Love LB

Janell said...

Daria! This is great news! I can just feel your excitement! Enjoy this time with Stephen and keep the vision! :) Thanks for updating! I'll continue to pray all goes well for you!

Kerrie and Mark said...

Yay for follicles!!! Good luck tomorrow with egg pick up. I will be thinking of you.

Mandy said...

Oh those pics bring back so many memories. GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST!!

thinking of you each day praying hard as one can for you!!