Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sun Day, Fun Day

As I predicted yesterday, I sat by the pool today and read a book. I arrived at the pool shortly after 1 pm and stayed there until about 5 pm. It was so hot in the sun, so I ducked under cover and sat in the shade. I will slowly work on my tan over the next few days. The pool area is very relaxing. I was able to read an entire book today. I am running out of books, I have read two since I've been here (thanks, Tiff!). I may have to venture out to a book store tomorrow to buy some more. This is almost starting to feel like a spa vacation: pool, sun, books, etc. The only things missing are my family and some pina coladas.

The room I am staying in is comfortable. It is your standard hotel room, king bed, tv, smaller bathroom. Looking outside the window, directly below is a dirt pit of some sort that some Indians are excavating. They excavate all day, every day. It is loud and bothersome. Not good when I am trying to take an afternoon snooze or think. To the right of the huge dirt pit are some "slums." Makes me really sad to see the people walk in and out of this area all day long. There are adults and kids and random dogs that walk the path from their shack to the road. It is cute to watch the little kids try to climb the huge dirt piles they are making. They have no fear, they will try to climb up the piles as the machines are swinging their huge crane arms around loaded with dirt and rocks. Makes me nervous as a parent, but the kids are often under loose supervision.

For the evening, I will be catching up on the Bachelor, London Calling. That's right, Brad Womack hasn't struck in India yet. I am watching the reruns of Shayne Lamas and Matt, the Limey from London. There sure is some drama on this series!!

On the agenda for tomorrow is a trip to the hospital. I need to be approved by the anesthesiologist for my egg retrieval and have an egg check up/scan. Dr. Yash found 10 eggs hiding out yesterday in my ovaries. I hope that a few more pop out like the did in the summer. I'll keep ya posted.

Thanks for reading!


Mandy said...

Hello Daria!
The pool looks FAB! it is soooo cold i wish i was there!!

Good lukc, 10 eggs sounds good hun!!

Jen 'n Alcy said...

Hi Daria,

Looks like the same room we had just a few weeks ago. Lovely hotel, but the big pit and the slums are a little unnerving. Enjoy the pool area. We actually went up to look at it once, but never spent any time there.
Best of luck for lots of lovely eggs!!!!


Jeff and Kevin said...

Good luck tomorrow! Thinking good thoughts for you-

Missing Ian said...

Hi Daria!
I just ran across your blog, and wanted to wish you the best of luck tomorrow! I haven't had a chance to read all of your posts, but couldn't miss the UNC pics. :) We're also Tarheels (DC transplants). So, welcome back! Here's hoping that this will be a wonderful new beginning for you and your family.

Fingers crossed!!

Mom to:
Danielle (11)
Ian (3/23/07 - 01/04/08)
Ethan & Nicholas (2) - via GS

Laura Beth said...

It is so cold here...I am jealous...Would love to be laying by the pool. Praying that everything goes as planned :) Love ya, LB