Saturday, February 5, 2011

Off to Market

Not too much exciting news today other than Stephen is arriving tonight!! Yay! I miss my hubby a lot and I can't wait for him to join me. This trip has been so relaxing and peaceful that I can't imagine not sharing it with the love of my life. We don't get to lay by the pool and soak up the sun very often at home without taking turns watching/playing/swimming with Stevie. I love nothing more than to lay in the warmth of the sun and read a book. And, with all that has been going on in our lives lately, Stephen could use a few days to relax.

Once he gets here though, things will start picking up on the medical side. Monday I have another scan. I can tell the eggs are growing because I am having some discomfort. For those of you who have gone through this, you know what I mean. Also, I have been receiving a second shot to help the eggs develop. That shot is intramuscular, so SI sends a nurse here every day to poke me. I am really sore from that shot. They alternate sides and I am dreading the shot this morning. So, I am up to three shots a day, hopefully for another day or two only. After my scan, I have the fitness test with the anesthesiologist. I believe after that, we will be done for the day.

I'm sure we will visit our friends (who are moving to a different location today) and hang out with them a bit more. They invited me along last night to walk around the local streets and markets. We ventured into a woman's clothing shop and we had a great time try on some dressing and such. Funny thing, I had a hard time getting my "big" head in the small neck openings of the dresses. I finally settled on one and they are tailoring it for me. I will be able to pick it up today. I am very excited to wear it later this week. We also went up to some local street vendors. They have American movies on DVD. They put four on a DVD and sell it for 100 rupees (just over $2). What a bargain. We also bought some books of the street. I bought two books for 250 rupees (about $6). They are photocopied and my friend said hopefully the whole book will be included. She has purchased books that have not ended at the ending, but before that. Haha! Such is life in Mumbai. Overall, I had an excellent time with them. I am going to miss their company when they leave today.

Saying that, it is time for breakfast. I have been loading up on breakfast. It is just fabulous here. Most days I skip lunch because I'm still full from breakfast. Then pizza for dinner or one of my meals in the microwave from home. I've still got a lot of snacks and I'm sure Stephen and I will take care of them this upcoming week.

Thanks for reading and to the new followers/commenters: enjoy our story!!


CocoaMasala said...

Glad your hubby is on the way. I know about those IM shots all to well...

Jennifer said...

best wishes and positive thoughts comin your way. Enjoy your time with your hubby.

Karissa said...

I cannot wait to see your dress! Glad you and Stephen are having some time together!