Friday, February 4, 2011

Relaxing Again

Today was a great day, very enjoyable and very relaxing. I had to go to the Lilavati Hospital for a scan around noon. I was supposed to see the anesthesiologist but that was postponed until Monday. It seems that my EPU will be on Wednesday. Good news though, they found more eggs!! Yay!! I am hoping this will be my highest count EPU yet. So they still have some growing to do, but otherwise things are progressing well. The rest of my day was spent by the pool. I stayed in the sun a bit more. It wasn't as hot as yesterday. I found out that yesterday was 97 degrees. Today was much more enjoyable. Tonight I will be hanging with my two friends to watch a movie. Good thing I packed popcorn! ;)


Kerrie and Mark said...

Your trip sounds perfect so far!! I am thrilled you are relaxed, perfect for follicle production!! How is your pizza diet going?

Janell said...

Glad to hear things are going well. I am saying my prayers for you. I laughed when I read about the 97 degrees! It was freezing rain/sleeting here this morning at 6:30 but no delay. Mom's funeral was yesterday and I am still not working - so lucky me got to come back home after dropping off kids and crawl back under the electric blanket! I plan to sleep this day away.
Thanks for updating. Keep relaxing! :)

Kerry said...

Wow!! Just found your Blog!! Wishing you all the very best for Wednesday!!
Looking at your photos brought back very fond memories of our last trip to India for baby pick up.......enjoy the relaxation at the courtyard.