Thursday, July 16, 2009


This is going to be short and sweet. We have had a long day and the Internet was down most of the day. We went for the anesthesia test and everything looks good. They just ask some simple questions about your general health and past surgeries. My number of surgeries is getting longer and I definitely want this egg pick up to the be last one for a very long time. Then we went for a follicle scan. Wouldn't you know they still are NOT ready. They are still growing. So, Monday is THE day for the pick up, no doubt. Trigger shot is Saturday night and EPU on Monday around 930am. That means we will leave here on Tuesday and be in the US Wednesday morning. We are anxious to get home at this point. We miss Stevie and the comforts of the US more than you can imagine. So, we are off to bed and will have some more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

you hang in there Daria....this will all seem like small minute in your life once it is all over...Keep you eye on the goal!!
You just let those follicles know anything that has to do with a Morton takes a little longer.....LOL. Love to both of you, this will all be a memory soon.

Carrie Jo said... must be getting uncomfortable. Sorry that you have to wait until Monday, but I hope that you have lots of nice, healthy eggs!