Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hello Mumbai Traffic

We had a fantastic day today. We started off with a walk on the beach after breakfast this morning. Our hotel is next door to Sun and Sand for those of you who have been here. The walk on the beach was nice and we caught a few minutes of an adult men's soccer league. We were surprised to see how many stray dogs hang out on the beach. One took a liking to us and sat next to me, as if she would protect me. It was cute.

We also went to the doctors office today. It was atleast 45-50 minutes away from our hotel with the traffic. There is traffic here that could rival tri-state traffic any day. I think Mumbai would win. First of all, they get a close as humanly possible to your car and surprisingly, no one seems to get in accidents. The other thing that drivers love to do here is beep their horn. It was as if they were trying to play a song, that's how many horns are being beeped while you drive.

The visit to Dr. Sudhir and Dr. Yash went wonderful. We chatted for a few minutes and talked about all the necessary events that are happening over the next few days. After giving some blood for routine blood checks, I had an ultrasound. Dr. Yash saw 4-5 follicles in each ovary, which I think is a good number. She increased my meds just a bit to help them develop a little more. She also commented that we may have the EPU (egg pick up) as early as the 16th. That means transfer would most likely be on the 18th and we could catch a flight home that night. We will see how things play out. We see the doctors again on Tuesday to have another scan done.

We ventured out a little tonight to get something different for dinner. We ended up at Pizza Hut, I know not real original, but I have a weak stomach and even though we have been here only a day or so, I am having some food issues. I am pretty sure I am going to lose those last 5 pounds I put on this year. haha... Stephen on the otherhand, is venturing into a little bit of Indian food. He is much more adventurous with food than I am and has a better stomach for it.

We are so tired and want to sleep constantly. It is like our body doesn't know if it is coming or going. It is only 9:30 here, but we are ready for bed. It is about 12 noon at home. We talked to Stevie a little while ago and it was good to see him still enjoying himself. Well, that is about it for now, we are ready to go to bed. In fact, Stephen is already snoring ;)


Janell said...

I am glad it was a good day! How cool that you can skype with Stevie. I am glad things are looking good. I can't believe you are in India!!! You'll have a great "What did you do over the summer?" essay to write on the first day back to school! :-) God Bless!

Karissa said...

Hey! I am so glad that your flight out went well and it's good to hear that you are able to communicate with everyone so well! TJ has skype, I have no idea what it really is but I know he uses it for work so I'll ask him if I can use it to talk to you!!! P.S. I am officially a Mrs! XOXO

Hello from Casey and Sarah! said...

So excited to hear about your journey! WE'll keep following!
Daria, I understand how you are feeling about the food. When I was there I didn't eat much "true" local food. At our hotel they made things more tolerable for our group. That's how I survived.
Your man likes that spicy stuff, huh!!

Anonymous said...

Hey D&S,
I know how you feel with your days and nights, jet lag, the whole thing. My flight to Japan to see my Jackie for the 1st time was the worst...23 hours, 19 of which were direct from Detroit to'll just sleep a lot when you get home.
So glad to hear all is going well. Keep us posted, Love and hugs.
Aunt Julie

Sara Feinstein said...

We are so excited for you guys. I am sitting here reading your blogs and you are doing such an amazing job of making us feel like me are there with you with your details. I wouldn't be able to last one minute with my stomach either - I feel for you :-) I have Skype and I just sent you a message.... I am actually talking to Stephen on IM while you are sleeping ha ha. Keep up the awesome posts!!!

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Oh yes, the wonderfully crazy traffic of Mumbai. I am having visions! So glad you are getting settled. Keep the updates coming!!!!