Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good things come to those who wait...

Today was the day we have waited over a year for. We finally met our surrogate!! She is a beautiful, 26 year old Indian woman with a husband and two children. She came with her husband and her 4.5 year old son to the doctor's office this afternoon. We signed all the necessary paper work and then sat down to chat. I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed that I started to cry. Stephen had a few teary moments also. We are just so grateful for what Mrs. K is going to be doing for us. She is going to complete our family puzzle with another child or two. She was very shy and quiet, but was very pleasant to talk with (through the help of Ravi). We found out that she is a seamstress, so to speak. She does it as her profession and her hobby. She told me she would make me some clothing. Her husband is a waiter at a restaurant near where they live. Her son was the cutest little boy ever and he is the same size as Stevie. Her daughter was with the grandmother to help look after her and attend school.

We gave them some gifts as a token of our gratitude. Not that we could ever give them a gift as great as they will give us, but, we gave the children lots of coloring books, crayons, colored pencils, and construction paper. We gave her husband chocolates and then found out that he is not to fond of chocolate, but she and her children are. We gave her some various scented lotions that she seemed to enjoy. It was truly an amazing experience to try to tell this woman (without crying too much) how we appreciate her and are so thankful for what she is willing to do for us. I know she gets compensated, but it is not enough. It is truly a selfless act. She is already a special part of our lives.

After she left with her family, we ate lunch with the docs and their office staff. They had some delicious Indian food, while we had... well, you can guess. Pizza.

It is getting to be an old joke...
D- what do you want for lunch?
S- I don't know, what do you want?
D- Well, if we have pizza now, we can have pasta or hamburgers for dinner, OR, we could have pasta and hamburgers now and then pizza for dinner. Which do you want?

I don't even know why we bother having the conversation, we should just have them deliver automatically. hahaha. Stephen misses American food so much, that he had a dream about eating hot dogs last night. He told me that he wanted like 7 Ball Park hot dogs when we get home. He is silly, I know, but we do miss real food!!

I went to Dr. Yash's clinic after lunch, which is downstairs from her office. It looks like we can harvest 10-12 follicles, which it the number they aim for. They don't want too many more or less. But, they are still on the smaller size (16mm) when Dr. Yash would like them to 18-20mm each. So, I am stepping up my shots, I just gave one when we got back and then I will give another one tomorrow morning. I go for my anesthesia test tomorrow and she will scan again tomorrow. This will set us back for EPU on Saturday morning and egg transfer Monday. So, it looks like a flight home Monday night, arriving in the US on Tuesday morning.

Stephen had the pleasure of giving a sample of his little swimmers today. I asked him permission if I could post this and he agreed, with very limited details! He said the room was disgustingly disgusting. They will freeze this sample as a back up and take another fresh sample on Saturday morning when they collect my eggs. And that is all I am going to say about that. If you want more info, question him ;)

We are having dinner tonight with some friends from Canada that have been here to pick up their baby. She is almost a week old and sooo adorable! I can't remember if I posted about them or not, but we hung out in their room last night until about midnight. They are so cool and we all have so much in common. It is nice to sit down and talk to people that were where we are in this stage of the game. They give us tips and things to be aware of. We really enjoy spending time with them. It will be sad when we have to say goodbye. I feel like we will be lifelong friends that have been bonded over this experience. We may not see each other again, but will we remain in contact.

Aunt Julie wanted to see some photos of the place that we are staying. The name of the hotel is The Intercontinental at Lalit. We have not been able to take a picture of the outside or pool area because it is still raining. I did take some pictures of the lobby, which is gorgeous and our room. It is the basic room. Enjoy and talk to you tomorrow:)




Stephen in the bed snoozing :)

Bathroom, which is lovely, separate shower and tub :)


Mandy said...

Its so good to hear you and doing well and enjoying your stay. It is quite emotional to meet your surrogate dont worry, i was too. I am with you all the way, no worries. The hotel is GREAT!! how much is that per night(if u dont mind), so we may have something to choose from?

All the best girl!!!!

Laura Beth said...

I am so happy for your family. I was crying just reading your post for today. All of the pieces are falling into place. We leave as you are coming back in to the US. We will have to go to lunch when I get back. Praying everything continues to go as planned...Love ya, LB

Anonymous said...

Great hotel.....much better than some of the hotels I've had to stay in while overseas!!!
So glad to hear all is going well. You sound great, very "up"...stay that way.
Love you guys, hugs and prayers.

Carrie Jo said...

I sobbed like a baby when we met our surrogate. 10-12 follicles is GREAT! I'm with you--you don't want too many or too few.

All the best as you head toward EPU and ET! We're pulling for you!

Johnny and Darren said...

What a great moment for the two of you. We both are very excited about meeting our SM too. 14 days today until we leave....Enjoy the rest of your time in India.

Johnny & Darren

Kerrie and Mark said...

Follies are doing great and it seems like you guys are as well. I imagine our SM meeting will be is long awaited and anticipated.
I guess tonight is trigger shot!! So exciting! All the best with EPU and keep up the posting as you can.

Karissa said...

What a beautiful hotel! I am so moved about reading about your meeting with the surrogate. Tears! XOXO