Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rain, rain, go away

Well, we finally experienced a true "monsoon" day today. I was up about 6am and it has been raining, well, pouring, since I have been up. It is raining so hard that it is almost impossible to see in front of you. Some of Mumbai has flooded already and many things are beginning to close early so people can get home safely. That is exactly what happened to us. We were in the car for 5 minutes with Ajit when we got the call from Dr. Yash at the hospital that the lab was closing and we would have to reschedule everything for tomorrow. So, no scan today to see my follicles. After increasing my medicine the other day, I have begun to feel some discomfort in my abdomen. Today has been the most uncomfortable so far, so I was a little disappointed the scan was cancelled, because that may mean my EPU will now be Friday. So another injection of meds tonight and another 2 days of being uncomfortable. It is all worth it though.

Dr. Sudhir and Dr. Yash are going to try to come by tonight and visit with us to discuss the rest of the week's events. We are looking forward to seeing them and hearing what is in store over the next few days. We are going to be quite busy tomorrow because we will have the scan, the anethesia test, meet our surrogate and her hubby, and the signing of the contracts.

We skyped with Stevie yesterday and were able to talk to James, Jules, Meaghan, and my dad. Sorry, Mom, take lunch earlier ;) If you have not tried skype, you need to. It is really cool!! My mom and dad told us two days ago that Stevie climbed out of his crib the other night. OMG!!! I can't believe he is doing that. Stephen and I have talked about it, and it is probably time to get him a regular bed. We do not want him toppling out of his crib every night :( Ouch!! We are eager to hear if he tried it again.

That is it for now, it is kinda a boring day here. We have laid in bed and watched tv most, well, all of the day except for meals. If anything super exciting happens here, I'll surely post it ;) We just wanted to say how thankful we are for the support and love that we have felt these past few days while we have been here. We have heard from friends that we haven't talked to in a while either by comments, emails, or on facebook. It means a lot to us and helps us feel not so far away from home. Thanks everyone!!!!


Kerrie and Mark said...

Ah ha. I was waiting for the monsson post!! We are on your tails and wondered what it is like. Sorry to hear about your discomfort, but remember this means your follies are growing bigger and this is just what you want!

Carrie Jo said...

Daria, by the time I had my EPU, it felt like my ovaries were bricks resting on my pelvis. It was yucky at the time, but I am so glad for it now! I pray the same for you.

I can't wait to see the monsoon with my own eyes--it's going to be so much fun to tell my kid someday that he/she was born in the middle of monsoon season--you can tell your he/she was created durng it!

Mandy said...

Hello Daria!!Dont feel homesick or anything we are all there with you in spirit (and emails..lol). Take care and i cant believe we complained about rain on the east coast here in June, its nothing like what your getting i can imagine. lol...take lots of pics so we can see.

Anonymous said...

Love your pics....you look good!
Take some pics of where you are staying.
Hope all goes well tomorrow, can't wait to hear about all your progress.
Love you,
Aunt Julie