Sunday, July 12, 2009


We have ended another day here in Mumbai. We are just waiting for our dinner to arrive here, tonight we are trying Dominoes. Stephen experimented a little too much at lunch today and wanted to play it safe for dinner. We are eating kind of late tonight because we took a very long nap this afternoon.

This morning after breakfast, we went out on the patio of the hotel to look at the ocean and beach. It was so windy. We sat outside for 30 minutes or so and the wind did not stop blowing once. The wind was strong, almost like a weak hurricane wind. It was really funny to see the birds try to fly against the wind and then succumb to the direction the wind was blowing. There were crows everywhere outside today. Stephen told me I had to forget my superstition about crows for the time being.

For lunch, we went to the Intercontinental Hotel by the airport to meet Chaya and her husband, Sam. Chaya is here on baby pick up. She also traveled with her son. We were able to see and hold her little girl and she is such a cutie!! She is three days old and a little peanut. We wish them nothing but the best for their family. We were also joined by the doctors at lunch. The hotel was so beautiful and there were many restaurants to choose from, that we decided to switch hotels. Amit was here with us today and he made all of the arrangements. We felt terrible for cutting our stay short at the other hotel, but they were still working the kinks out.

After we got settled at the hotel, we both took a nap. We just woke up in time to skype our parents and talk to them. Stevie is doing great and he talks to us for a few minutes each time. Today, he kissed us goodbye on the computer and we both cried. It is so hard to be away from him, but we remind ourselves our purpose for being here. This was the second time we called and missed Steve and Philly! But we have been keeping in touch with them through email.

We can't wait for Tuesday to come so we can see the progress of my follicles and see what day the EPU will be. We are also looking forward to meeting our surrogate in the next few days.

I have some pictures below that capture what we have been seeing here as we travel around. They were taken from the car, as we have not had time to really get out and walk around yet. We may try to do some shopping or something like that tomorrow. The people here have been very accommodating and friendly. They are very eager to please and polite. Most of the people we have encountered are fluent in English, which makes it really easy to communicate with them. Sometimes their accent gets in the way of what they are trying to tell us, but I am sure that goes both ways. Especially since Stephen and I have different accents too. Ahhh, pizza is here!! Thank you for all the comments, messages on FB, and emails. We appreciate your support and prayers :) Talk to you later, love to you all from India ;)

Local produce stand

Housing shacks

Beautiful architecture

Rick shaw, or cheap taxi

Buildings in the financial district, I believe

Learn to speak English


Anonymous said...

You're hoping to go shopping???????
From the looks of the pictures of stores available I'm not so sure about that!!! LOLOLOLOLOL
You sound good, handling everything well. Except maybe the food. Guess there are a lot of American resturants there, eh??
Your Grandpa traveled quite often to should ask your Dad where he went all the time. I pray he is looking over you and Stephen today. Sleep well, Love and Hugs.
Aunt Julie

Laura Beth said...

I am glad that everything is going well. It is great that you are getting to talk to Stevie daily. That was probably a wise decision to switch hotels, I don't blame you!! I can't believe there are that many American restaurants there??
Thinking of you all, LB

Mark and Marsha McKnight said...

We LOVE reading your updates!! We have been thinking of you guys daily and praying for you while in India. It is great news that you have been able to talk to Stevie and even see him, I can image how much you miss him. We love you guys and are wishing everything goes well in India! Tuesday will be here before you know it.

Kerrie and Mark said...

Loving the updates. I hope you are feeling ok on the drugs. Very exciting to have EPU this week. I will be thinking about you and hope you get atleast a bakers dozen eggs! I was very sore after my retrieval and do not think I could have flown for 3-4 days afterwards. Give yourself time to rest if you can.