Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Last minute things

There never seems to be enough time in the days lately. We have traveled from NC to NJ in the past two days and we are exhausted, only to get on a plane to Mumbai tomorrow night. We have been running around like crazy people trying to get everything in order. It seems just when we think that everything is crossed off the list, something else pops in our head.

Stevie had a rough time going to bed the past two nights and it breaks my heart to hear him cry for mommy and daddy because we will not be here tomorrow night if he does. My mom will answer his cries and he will eventually fall asleep, but it still breaks my heart.

This time tomorrow night, we will be above the Arctic Circle. It still blows my mind that we will be taking that flight path.

We were able to see some friends and family today that wanted to wish us well. We appreciate, as always, the love and support and prayers that have been coming our way. This was not the way we intended on building our family, but we think it will work just as well. Please check back here over the next two weeks for updates from Mumbai and if you want to chat and have Skype, email or message me and we can get in touch!


Rhonda and Gerry W said...

Safe travels and very best of luck. I am sending baby dust your way.


Carrie Jo said...

I hope we will see you in Mumbai! Safe travels and lots of healthy eggs to you! said...

Hi Daria & Stephan:

So we waved to all the planes going over the house tonight.

Stevie waved and said hi daddy , hi mommy see you toworrow. Good thing he doesn't know what toworrow is. Meg gave him a bath and he drank his milk, sat with me in the chair, when to bed with no problem. Let your mind be at peace.

god be with you both,

love mom

Mandy said...

GOOD LUCK DARIA!!!! safe travels and you guys are in our prayers!!

wishing you nothing but the best. (sorry i have been distant, i am still u know...out of it)

fullhouse said...

You were the first person I thought of this morning when I woke up! I hope you had safe travels and everything falls into place! Praying... Janell

Anonymous said...

Daria and Stephan....
I cried when I read your post, then cried again when I read your mom' much love!
This ia all going to work out, I just know it!
On the inside of Grandma and Grandpa Morton's wedding rings is the message "Mizpah" which is a beautiful prayer..."may God watch between me and thee while we are apart from one another". Keep your faith, love and blessings.
Aunt Julie