Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hospital Tour

Today, Stephen and I decided to visit the hospital where our baby(ies) will be born. It is a different hospital than where we have been visiting and getting our lab work done. It is a more modern hospital, built within the last 5 years and is very nice. We were able to see a L&D room, where a C-section would take place, and the regular room where we will stay with our baby. It was very reassuring to visit this hospital and it helps us keep focus on our goals.

While we were there, we were able to visit with another couple here for baby pickup. They also had a daughter a few days ago and she is precious. Dr. Yash told us that all 4 babies that have been born so far have been girls.... hmmm... is there a pattern? She said to Stephen that they pick the best sperm and that they are always the girl sperm. We all got a laugh. He told Dr. Sudhir to pick the sperm for us and to pick a boy. It is all in good fun. We will be happy with either a girl or boy, or both!! The fact of the matter is that we just want a sibling for Stevie. We did joke with Dr. Yash that if we had a boy, we would name it Dominic and for short, Dom. That would be after all the Domino's pizza we have eaten here.

We are both SICK of pizza!! I mean, we have had it everyday. I don't want to see pizza for a very long time. I had a second dream last night about a ham and cheese sandwich. Yum!!! We can't wait for a glass of milk either. We are in the home stretch though. Tuesday we are getting ready to fly home.

Last night I did my trigger shot, well I should say shots. It took seven injections to get all the medicine in. Talk about a tender stomach. I am so glad that my injections are all over. In total, I have taken 42 injections in the last 3 weeks. That is a lot for me, but I realize not as much for others. Tomorrow morning, bright and early we are going to the hospital for the egg pick up. I believe my surgery time is scheduled for 930 am. It is a quick procedure, usually about 20 minutes. Stephen will also give a fresh sample of his swimmers tomorrow. Then, shortly after, we will come back to the hotel. Our transfer will be on Wednesday. The eggs should be in by the time we get back to the US on Wednesday morning. We are beyond excited and just very positive right now!

We are venturing out to the Leela hotel tonight for Italian. We are going with Chaya and Sam and their kids. The hotel is right across the street and we should have no problem getting over there. It is going to be nice to see another hotel and have a change of atmosphere. That's all for now, I will post again tomorrow after I get back from my EPU!! Here's to lots of follicles that form into embryos :)


Anonymous said...

Prayers Daria....I've just got LOTS of prayers for you, Stephen and your baby.

Tigerlilycat said...

You're definitely in the home stretch Daria - in lots of ways. Best of luck with the retrieval and here's hoping for lots of healthy eggs.

Johnny and Darren said...

Wishing you a smooth and trouble free EPU.....

Johnny & Darren

Carrie Jo said...

We really enjoyed meeting you guys! We can't wait to hear results of the EPU.

Janell said...

I know it is morning there and you are probably getting ready to be on your way for EPU... just wanted you to know that I am praying!