Thursday, August 19, 2010

Third time a charm?

It's official, we had a blighted ovum. Boohoo!! We were really hoping this was going to be the real deal. Thankfully, we have some frozen embryos and can try again in a few months. Third time is the charm, right?


Mandy said...

Oh Daria, sad to haer your news, but thrilled you are trying again!!

Good luck and all the best hun!

Amber and Brian said...

I am truly sorry that it didn't work out this time. You have an amazing attitude and the next time will be your time.


coco said...

hang in there. one way or another your dreams will come true

Kerrie and Mark said...

3rd time...hmmm...I pray for you this will be IT!!! All we can do is keep trying. All the best.