Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Stephen!!!!

We can't believe how fast two years has gone. It seems like yesterday Stevie was born. Now he is a big boy, running, playing, and talking non-stop. We are so thankful to have Stevie in our lives and love the family that we have become. With everything that happened to me after Stevie's birth, we rarely reminisce about that day. So here we go, a lovely trip down memory lane.

It really started on May 10th, when I thought my water broke and Stephen was out playing golf. He was actually playing a really good game too when I called. He came home and we went to the doctor's office. They checked me out and said my water didn't break, but I might of had a high leak, since I was close to 4 cm. dilated. They told me to go home and see how I felt in the morning. They also wanted me to go in for an ultrasound the next day to check the fluid levels. Well, nothing exciting happened that night and I woke up fine. We went to the doctor that morning and found out that my fluid was a little low, so they could admit me to the hospital. I was also having light contractions.

Stephen and I went home, took our time, got our things and had lunch before we went to the hospital. I think we checked in about 3PM and were in a room by 4PM hooked up to the monitors. My water was broke and then the contractions really started kicking in. Since it was around dinner time, Stephen decided to run to Subway to get a quick sandwich. It was only across the street from the hospital.

The nurse told me that we shouldn't expect to have the baby until after midnight. By the time that Stephen got back with dinner, I was having trouble with my epidural and felt a lot more pain. I could barely keep up with the conversation. Then I got the chills. The nurse came in to check my epidural and decided to check me. She said, "I don't believe it, you are at ten centimeters." It was time to push. I called my mom to tell her the baby was on it's way and I remember saying to her, "You didn't tell me it would hurt this much." I hung up with her and got back to pushing.

I pushed for a half hour and the head finally came out. I felt so much better at that point. My epidural stopped working because I had dilated so fast. The medicine could not keep up with my body. I even asked the doctor at this point if he could just pull the baby out. I really didn't want to have to push again. But, I did and I was fine. Stephen was the first to say, "It's a boy!!!" We were both so overjoyed, there are no words that will ever express the elation that we felt at that moment. Stephen Grey Crater, III entered our lives May 11, 2007 at 10:40 PM, weighing 7lbs and 0.5 oz., and 21 inches long. So, that is our story, that is how our family started. Happy Birthday, Stephen!!! We love you more than you'll ever know :)

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