Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birthday Parties!

Stephen has had a party week! We started off by celebrating his birthday on Monday, which was his actual birthday. We had Pops, Philly, Dana, and Momo here for dinner and cake. We had Stephen's favorite dinner, pizza, of course! He opened his gifts and then we got ready for the cake. When it was time to sing happy birthday, we had Gamma and Umpa on my cell phone and Uncle James on the house phone to sing with us. Stephen had a blast. He didn't quite understand how to blow out the candles, but he enjoyed the birthday cake.

I baked the cake myself and it did come out pretty good. I put extra icing on it, at my hubby's request. The only thing that came out crazy was the icing for the writing. I bought a decorative icing that comes out of a can. Well, it is not as easy as it looks. In fact, I don't think anyone can make decorative letters look good with icing that comes out of a can. So that was the big laugh of the night. I would call it creepy crawly font.

Then on Saturday afternoon, the real fun began. We had some of Stevie's little friends over for his 2nd birthday party. We filled our backyard with every toy imaginable. We had kiddie pools, a ball pit with a tunnel, basketball, baseball, golf, Tonka trucks, sand and water table, little race cars to zoom around the patio, and the hit of the show... the police car (thanks Jackie!). All the little boys wanted to ride the police car, even Jessica's big boys took it for a spin.

We had a great time celebrating Stevie's birthday with our friends and their children. The food was great, we had two cakes to choose from, and lots of laughs. Stephen is starting to think that his birthday lasts for a week. We can't wait to celebrate again when we get to NJ in the next few weeks ;)

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