Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where Is the Time Going?

Time passes so quickly lately. I can't believe that it is already December and 2010 is about to come to an end. There is not too much to update. We are still living with my parents. Stephen's company was bought out a few months ago and we are riding out the wave to see if his territory is going to change. The company that bought his has a few reps in this area again. Time will tell! Funny how sometimes it feels like days fly by and sometimes it feels like they aren't moving at all.

Congrats to all my surro friends that have had their babies in the last few months. What a big sigh of success!!

We have plans to travel over the holiday break and I am excited to get into some warmer weather. Now I remember why I wanted to move to NC, because the winters in Jersey are horrendous! It was 8 degrees today with the wind chill. That is freezing! That is beyond freezing! I wanted to hop on a plane to the Bahamas today. Hint, hint, honey!!

Hope you all have a happy holiday (or have had a happy holiday already) and a very festive New Year!! Here's to 2011, a year for lots of babies!!

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Kerrie and Mark said...

Am I understanding correctly that your travel over the holidays is too India?