Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random thoughts

There are so many things on my mind lately, it's hard to remember if we are coming or going. The first piece of great news is that we are under contract with our house in NC. This happened way sooner than we ever imagined!! We put it up on the internet Monday, had a showing Wednesday, offer Friday, and contracts signed Sunday night. Wow... talk about fast paced! So Friday night came in with an offer and it was bittersweet. I actually had tears in my eyes. Although I am very excited about going back to NJ, I am really going to miss this house. We had it built, we picked out all the extras, we have done a ton of work to it. Plus, the biggest is Stephen's room!! He has the cutest mural painted on the walls. He is out growing it, but I still love it. I would love to have it replicated in our new house for our future children. We are also going to miss our family and friends. Saying goodbye is never easy. I feel a lot of tears coming on over the next 6 weeks. :(

Stephen has been traveling quite a bit over the last few weeks and I really just want him home. We have to start packing and making our plans to move and go to India. Speaking of India, we have chosen our new surrogate. We are very excited to meet her and let her help build our family. But today, for some reason, I thought about our visas to get in to India. Well, much to my dismay, our visas expire on June 22, 2010. We were planning on going to Mumbai on June 18th. Hmmm.... Big problem here. I am not sure how we are going to solve this one. I have read that you have to wait a month after the expiration date to apply for a new visa, which would put us into August. But, I've also read that you can apply earlier, while your current visa is still legit. Please advise if you know! We are going to try to apply early.

I am running a 5K this weekend. It is for two great causes: 1. Girls on the Run and 2. Susan Komen breast cancer research. Girls on the Run is a great program that is in my school. I've been asked to run by a girl in my class. She had to have an adult complete the race with her. I was really honored and excited that she would ask me to do this with her. I have been training for the past few weeks, but wouldn't you know that I have a cold this week! UGH! I am taking it easy and saving all my energy for Saturday morning. I am happy to support breast cancer research because so many women (including my dear Nana) are stricken with this. There are many survivors in our school and I am happy to run for them!

I have had the "why can't I just get pregnant" talk with so many friends lately. It seems like everywhere I turn, women are dealing with infertility issues. I am no different and the advice I can give is to hang in there, stay positive, and believe. We make life what we want it to be for ourselves. I am a big believer of visualization, positive thinking, and prayer. I had the most wonderful dream a few weeks ago about my Nana. She is in heaven now for two and a half years. I was laying in bed in my dream and Nana came and hovered right above me. She looked radiant. Her hair was done in curls and she had pink lipstick and was dressed in a white and pink striped shirt. She had a conversation with me that went something like this:
N: "What it is that you want?"
D: "Nana, I just want a brother or sister for Stephen."
N: "Which would you rather have?"
D: "I wouldn't mind a boy again, we have all the clothes and toys. I wouldn't mind a girl either."
N: "Well, it's going to be a girl. Get ready." "Now, stay calm, don't stress, and relax."
D: big smile on my face when I woke up

This is Nana with Stephen at 3 mos.

I believe that good things are ahead for us. Last year our big dilemma was if we should stay here in NC or go back to NJ. Well, that has been answered. I think this is the year when things start falling into place for us. The stars are lining up just like they have throughout my life. We are ready for the ride again!


Jon said...

As we say in the land of Sopranos and chemical factories: "Fuggedaboudit!!" LOL
Seriously though: I believe you can apply right now to have your visa converted from a one-year to a multi-year which would probably address your dilemna. This would probably be a cheaper option than applying for a brand new one-year visa. Contact Travisa outsourcing (NY office) on the phone and they will definately explain your options; they tend to be very helpful and it can probably all be done via Fedex.
Welcome back to Joisey! Are you guys watching the "Jersey Shore" series to get reacclimated?

jojo said...

Oh, what a beautiful dream. Sounds to me like a girl is part of your destiny.

Congratulations on the quick sale!


Kerrie and Mark said...

What a lot going on!! Sometimes change is good. I beleive great things will come your way this year.

coco said...

what a wonderful dream. can i share in it with you? i feel the same as i have a girl, i would love to have a boy but i'll take whatever the good lord gives us. whenever i dream of my father, he looks so sad. i feel so badly that i didn't stay with him all night in the hospital the night before he died. he died at 8am the next morning. he died in 2000 i miss him so very much.

your life is so exciting. i can see why your house sold so quickly, judging from stephen's room, it's lovely. good luck. love coco from

WendyandTyler said...

I'm a big believer in dreams, visualization and prayer as well. My Mom had a dream, before I was born, that I was a girl. Then, she recently had another dream that I had 2 little girls (twins). Hmmm... We'll have to see if your Nana and my Mom are right :)