Tuesday, August 18, 2009


There is no better way to start a day than seeing a little skype bubble pop up from SI. Although we do have regular updates from the wonderful docs, we always are hungry for more information. It had been about a week from our last contact with Dr. S and Dr. Y about our lovely beta numbers and we were getting antsy! We knew the numbers were a bit on the high side, but still well within the singleton statistics. We desperately wanted to know how many little embies were hanging out with us for the next nine months. We checked our emails, did research trying to predict it ourselves, and even test drove cars that are a bit bigger, just in case.

Well.... Dr. S asked us today how we would like to have twins, because that is what we are having!!! I had an exciting conversation with him this morning and he told us the news. I was so excited and overwhelmed, that I cried all the way to work. I called Stephen (who is out of town) and told him the news. We were both elated. This is just what we wanted. We wanted a family of three.

Over the course of the day, things started piecing together in my mind from the last two years. Many people have told me today, "When God brings you through troubles, he doubles the blessing." Ok, I am not sure if that is it word for word, but it is the meaning that counts. I know why those horrifying things happened to me, I know why the other surgeries to open my uterus were not successful, I know why we are where we are in our life. I know this because it makes sense now. We are bringing two beautiful babies into our family, into this world, that were made out of a love so strong between Stephen and I. We are helping Ms. K. and her family to give them better things in their lives. What better way to live than helping people? Stephen and I will never find enough ways to thank the SI docs, the SI team, and Ms. K. for what they are giving to us. They are giving us the greatest gift, a miracle, well... two miracles. Long before that though, they gave us hope. They gave us hope that we could have the family that we wanted, that I could have more children, most importantly, that I was not broken.

Not too many people know how we struggled after Dr. I-don't-care-that-you-are-bleeding-to-death sent us home, only to be rushed back again the next day. We went through endless boxes of tissues, crying and wondering why. Why did that happen, how could he let it happen, and most of all, we wondered how we were going to pick up our pieces and move on. It was not pretty, it was not quick, it was not over until very, very recently. But, it is clear to me now, so very clear. It was to bring us to this. Was it the best road to get here? No way! But, it is bringing us children that were meant for us and meant to happen this way. I will be grateful for that always. I could never have duplicated these two blessings that are coming into our life, even if I could get pregnant. That is the true miracle.

Enough with the reminiscing, I have to get back to school work. My mom told me that I had to blog today for the ladies at her work!! Shout out to AW Meyers!! Thank you again for reading this and supporting us. Please pray that we have a very, very boring, uneventful, and healthy nine months! P.S. the title of this blog reads "twins" in Hindi ;)

Life, even in the hardest times, is full of moments to savor. They will not come this way again, not in this way.
Paula Rinehart


Johnny and Darren said...


Your post rings very true. The gift of hope from Drs S, Y and all others involved in this amazing, wonderful gift of life is overwhelming.

Congratulations on your news & we look forward to meeting you all when we next travel to India.....to complete our families.

Johnny & Darren

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE! You both are living proof of that. We couldn't be more happy for you both. Double the joy~!

How absolutely wonderful!!!

Kerrie and Mark said...

Oh this is such great news!! I realy think it was the pizza that did it :) Now we just need the pregnancy to be uneventful, normal and successful. I feel lucky knowing something I have has been touched by you and may just bring me some extra luck!

Mandy said...

Twins are truly a blessing and wonderful way to complete your family. Congrats and i still think it was the pizza like KERRIE said...lol. All the best!


Jennifer said...

Welcome to the twin club. Congrats to you and the family. All my love to you.


Jennifer said...
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Michelle Topp said...

Stephen, Daria & Stevie...
We are soooo excited for you and we will pray every day for the babies and Mrs K to have a healthy pregnancy.
No one deserves this more than you! You are terrific parents :)
Love you guys <3

Anonymous said...

i have said it all...how wonderful, I couldn't be more thrilled for you all. I am sure your mom and dad are bursting with pride and joy..loves and hugs to you all. Tears of Joy!!!!!